At WILLSCALE AUTO GATES we pride ourselves on excellence and only use the most trusted & reliable products on the market. Below is a sample of some our high quality motorised components used as part of our swing and slide gate installations.

For more information on motorised repair and service or the components that we use, please contact us.

(FAAC Patent) New moving axes speed reduction principle Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 400 kg.

Gearmotor for residential sliding gates with max. weight of 500 kg (740)
and 900 kg (741).

Low-voltage electro-mechanical operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 2 m (3 m with electric lock). Built-in mechanical stops.


Hydraulic operator for residential swing leaf gates with single-leaf length of 2 m (402 CBC) and 3 m (402 SBS).